Dragon | Profile

The Dragon

Dragon was founded by Fransiskus Eddy Liew and Lydiawati Dakhi in 1980. Selling calculators, digital watch and typewriter at first, Dragon has transformed itself from a small computer shop to a large scale IT distribution company. Currently, Dragon is amongst the top leaders in the region industry and we understand that to lead is to serve the community.

Beyond Partnership

/bi’yand partnërsyip/ a (an attitude)

  1. Mutual cooperation that exceeds mutual benefits.
  2. A respectful two-way relationship within all the stakeholders.
  3. Trustworthy and responsible business manner.

You Grow, We Grow.

At Dragon, you are not just a customer or partner, but you are our best friend. We treat our best friends better than anyone in the world. A friend will never leave you stranded, a friend will always there for you anytime. We embrace the world together, because we realize when you grow, we grow. It’s a small picture of how things get done at the Dragon.